Factory IO Training

Course Duration: (One weekend) equivalent to two days

Course Cost: Free

Audience: Undergraduate, Graduate, Employed Electrical/Instrumentation/Automation Engineers

Prerequisites: Basic Computer Skills

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Factory IO.
  2. Factory IO software navigation & object functionality.
  3. Developing factories, manufacturing lines using Factory IO
  4. Testing and troubleshooting using factory IO.

Certification: Certificate of attendance is been awarded 




Trainees are taught the necessary skills by an instructor in classroom settings. This is a hands-on approach that requires face-to-face interaction.


The virtual mode of training makes use of visual technology to explain practical concepts via online video call/presentations to display lecturers, exercises and other content for the training session.


Customized training courses perfectly fit the requirements of every employee. It allows you to modify courses and maximize your skills according to your needs.

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